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Chip Guard

chip guard Raptor colors | Bailey’s Auto Body

What is Chip Guard?

Chip guard is a 2k polyurethane coating that establishes a protective barrier from the harsh elements that can damage your vehicle’s finish. If you’re searching for a way to protect your vehicle’s panels from rusting and you desire to keep a clean durable look, this is what you’re looking for.

Is it Textured?

Chip guard can be applied to achieve either a rougher texture or a thick orange peel effect.

What About Color?

We can match your vehicle’s factory finish to keep that clean factory look or customize it to any color you’d prefer. Typically, black or the factory color is selected, but any color can be obtained.

What’s the Durability?

It is difficult to scratch, but it can easily be repaired if damage does occur. It’s UV-resistant and won’t fade after hundreds of hours of direct sunlight. It’s resistant to water and a wide range of chemicals. It can withstand some exposure to gasoline, but it isn’t recommended to be submerged for extended amounts of time. Bottom line, this stuff can withstand most wear and tear around the bottom of your vehicle to protect it for it’s life time.

applying chip guard to truck body | Bailey’s Auto Body

What Can be Protected?

Chip guard can be applied to metals, plastics, wood, and concrete. It’s common for undercarriages to be coated as well as the bottom of car doors and wheel wells. It’s not recommended for applications where excessive heat occurs, like around the motor or exhaust.

Protecting your vehicle from corroding is important in order for it to keep its value and looking great. By having your vehicle chip guarded, before rust can develop, your vehicle can remain rust free for many more years, adding to its life.

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