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Collision Repair

two cars in collision accident | Bailey’s Auto Body

There are on average 6 million car accidents per day in the United States, and of those over 15 thousand of them happen in North Dakota. We hope you always wear your seat belt and don’t drive distracted.

If you do get into a collision, we first hope you are uninjured and healthy, and secondly we hope you may think of us for your auto body and collision repairs. We accept all insurances, and we will work with your insurance company to make it a smooth process for you. No appointment is needed for your free estimate. Please stop by during our business hours of 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday. We are happy to serve you.

Our 5-Step Proven Process for Customer Satisfaction

Step #1 - Meet Customer and Appraise Vehicle Damage

This is our first opportunity to meet you and to inspect your vehicle for damage. Our friendly receptionist will greet you with a smile and ask how we can help you. Once you explain your situation, we will kindly ask for your name, contact information, and your insurance information if you plan on filing a claim. After all is entered, our estimator will greet you and ask to see your vehicle. They will scan your VIN number and document other vehicle information such as the mileage, paint code, etc. Then we will document the damage by taking several photos from different angles. These photos are used to show you and your insurance company the damage and explain what our repair process is. We will inform you if there may be hidden damage that cannot be seen or documented at this time due to an obstruction of parts.

If you decide to trust us with your vehicle, we will get you scheduled and inform you of the length of repair you can expect. We will also order the damaged parts, and address any hidden damage in Step #2.

Step #2 - Disassemble & Repair

After receiving the vehicle, we disassemble it and thoroughly inspect it for hidden damage. If found, we write up a supplement and inform you and the insurance company. Any hidden damaged parts are ordered immediately to keep the repair process on scheduled. Our auto body technicians will repair any damage and remove/replace (R&R) necessary parts as listed in the repair process.

Step #3 - Refinishing

Once all the damaged is repaired and ready for paint, our paint department will tape and mask off the vehicle and prepare the best color matching paint according to our color management system. We spray PPG Enviro-base which is a waterborne paint because of its outstanding color matching capabilities and because it is less hazardous for our environment. If necessary, the paint will undergo a baking process in our semi-side down draft automotive paint booth to quickly cure the paint.

Step #4 - Reassemble & Quality Check (QC)

When the paint is cured, your vehicle will exit the booth and we will begin the reassembly process. All new and undamaged parts are installed by our trained auto body technicians. Once completed, we will then adjust panels for proper fit and check functioning parts for any error.

Step #5 - Return Vehicle

After all the repairs are made and inspected, we look forward to seeing you smile, thankful that you chose us to be your trusted auto body shop in Fargo.

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